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The Canadian ALS Neuroimaging Consortium (CALSNIC) Webinar

Hosted by: Dr. Sanjay Kalra

Co-Director Edmonton ALS Clinic at University of Alberta
Professor, Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine
Principal Investigator, Canadian ALS Neuroimaging Consortium
Adjunct Professor, Department of Computing Science
Adjunct Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Kalra is a world expert on using advanced brain imaging techniques to better understand ALS. His work is primarily focused on the potential to find a biomarker that would allow physicians to detect the disease earlier, monitor disease progression and evaluate new therapies. Such a tool would likely both accelerate treatment testing and make new treatments more effective by providing a means of earlier intervention. In recent years, Dr. Kalra has collaborated with ALS clinicians across the country to develop a standardized Canadian platform of high powered brain imaging through a consortium called The Canadian ALS Neuroimaging Consortium (CALSNIC). Setting up this cross-Canada imaging network is funded through the largest ever grant provided by the ALS Canada Research Program, as a successfully peer reviewed application to the ALS Canada-Brain Canada Arthur J Hudson Translational Team Grant competition in 2015. This webinar will introduce CALSNIC, the researchers involved and demonstrate many of the fascinating techniques used to look for imaging biomarkers. An opportunity to ask Dr. Kalra questions will be available after the webinar.

Later Event: July 11
Webinar: Canadian ALS Research