June 6 - Doug Janzen

June 2, 2017 Mary Lou Poscente (1).jpg

It's day six of ALS Awareness Month, and today we are sharing how the ALS Society of Alberta is #MakingitPossible for Doug Janzen. When asked about his favourite piece of equipment, he struggled to decide. It started with the air mattress for his hospital bed, as it has alternating pressures and settings, allowing him to rest comfortably and without pain. Then he added the EZ lift chair saying he has spent so much time in it, even at one point sleeping at night in the chair! And THEN he added the power wheelchair. He and his wife, Rita, continued to list all of the equipment in their house that has allowed them to maintain Doug's independence and to support his care. This photo is of him in his Doug's Defender's hat, which is currently the top fundraising team for the 2017 Betty's Run for ALS! Thank you for your commitment, Doug and Rita!