June 15 - Jim Christianson

Today we are sharing Jim Christianson's story on day 15 of ALS Awareness Month.

June 14 (1).png


"After constant MRI's and feeling very tired, I found the right doctor in 2009 where my new journey began living with ALS. I am affected by physical symptoms, but strong emotions and frustration are also a big part of my journey. I feel very inspired by other people at our monthly coffee group. It is important for me to get out and connect with other people, even though we are all different we are all on the same page. A few hundred pounds are lifted off your shoulders because you realize you are not alone and can relate to one another. I love joking around, smiling and making other people smile. This means a lot to me. I know this is hard on my whole family and they are all very supportive and I feel very lucky to have them in my life, as well as my precious pup Sassy!"

Jim loved his job working at the Fire Department for 10 years and later becoming a Press-Technician. "I miss working so much, but feel truly blessed my friends from work still come over."

Even though it's harder for Jim to do the things he once could do with ease, he continues to make a difference in this community of Barrhead. Just recently he donated his time and talent to his senior community by taking professional pictures of 17 individuals who celebrated their 90th Birthdays in June! "I enjoy helping others through my love of photography."

"I truly appreciate the equipment I have received to meet my needs and all the support given to me and my family through the ALS Society. They are awesome."

Jim also donated a print (a picture he took of a Cedar Waxwing) for our raffle table at the Edmonton WALK for ALS!

Thank you, Jim for sharing your #MakingItPossible story with us!