The ALS Society of Alberta is proud to be one of the largest contributors to the national ALS research program. With the support of its provincial partners, ALS Canada invests into the most promising research to help find a cause and cure for this devastating disease. In 2018, the ALS Society of Alberta contributed upwards of $320,000 to the program due to the tremendous success of Betty's Run for ALS and the Walk to End ALS across Alberta.

als research in alberta

Alberta is home to some of Canada's most talented ALS researchers. Due to the tremendous fundraising result of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Alberta researchers have received grants and funding for some of the most promising research in Canada. 

project mine

Project MinE is a multi-national initiative including more than 15 countries. It aims to map the full DNA profiles of 15,000 people with ALS and 7,500 control subjects, establishing a global resource of human data that can help scientists better understand the development of ALS.