The ALS Society of Alberta provides support to clients across the province. They provide assistance in the following areas:

Facilitation and Provision of Care

The health care system is complex and often difficult to navigate, even by those who work within it. Client Services Coordinators provide guidance and support to help people living with ALS, and their families, work through the maze of services as the disease progresses. Client Services Coordinators also regularly participate in multidisciplinary ALS clinics and are considered an integral part of the care team. When families seek assistance and need someone to become an advocate for their concerns during their ALS journey, client services staff often fulfill that role as well.

Providing Support

The Society's client services staff conduct home visits, lend support and stay connected regularly with families affected by ALS.


Information and Referrals

The Society strives to be a central place for obtaining information relevant to ALS and services available to those affected by the disease. Individuals with ALS and their families frequently request help with information about ALS, with services that are available, with access to equipment, to home care and to other services.

Support Groups

The Society believes that by sharing frustrations, fears and inspirations of individuals and family members, barriers of isolation and loneliness can be broken. For this reason, the Society assists in the establishment of support groups whenever an interest in shown Groups may be co-facilitated by social workers and past individuals who have been affected by ALS. For dates and times of upcoming support groups, click here.