ALS Client Services Conference


Building strength, support and capacity across Canada with our client services so we can provide the best possible support for people living with and affected by ALS. 

The first-ever client services conference for the ALS Societies across Canada was hosted in Alberta from November 14-16. This three-day conference offered the Societies' client support staff to discuss best practices of ALS support and advocacy while providing an opportunity for self-care and wellness. 

Hosted at the Banff Centre, the conference began with a discussion of the different programs and services offered across Canada for people living with and affected by ALS. Staff discussed innovative solutions for client support, and shared the practices of each province. The conference was grateful to have Frida Engstrom present about the support services available in Sweden, and how Canada is leading the charge in support for those affected by the disease. 

Self-care and coping strategies were the focus of the second day. Dr. Douglas Cave of the Centre for Practitioner Renewal joined the conference to develop an understanding of coping strategies for those supporting people living with ALS, including both staff and caregivers. 

The final day of the conference gave the Societies' an opportunity to refine their advocacy skills and participate in case studies related to the provision of care for those affected by ALS. Open Arms Advocacy joined the conference to discuss advocacy at an individual and community level, including engagement with health and social service organizations, politicians, and government. 

The ALS Societies across Canada would like to thank each and every speaker, participant and volunteer that helped make this conference such a success. By bringing Canada's ALS support staff together, opportunities for collaboration and program enhancement can occur to help make a stronger impact in the lives of those affected by this disease. 

The Societies are so grateful for the outstanding skill and resilience that its client support staff possess, and are sure that they will continue to empower the ALS community for years to come.