Meet the 2017 Cold Lake WALK for ALS Ambassador, Henri Jubinville

"I have been living with ALS for many years, but nobody could tell me what it was that I have. I
had spasms all over my body; I was losing strength and had noticeable muscle loss. Over a 7-year span, I had six joint replacements. They told me I had severe osteoarthritis. I worked hard as a heavy duty mechanic, which I think was hard on my body. I loved to work and help people by fixing things. Loretta, my wife, and I took many trips to the city to see neuromuscular specialists. We would see a medical team of doctors, nurses, speech therapists, dieticians, and the ALS Society. Each would speak to us separately and concluded that it was ALS deteriorating my body. That was hard to learn. Now that we have accepted it, we are thankful for the care and support that is given to us. The ALS Society provided me with a breathing machine which helps me sleep better and feel refreshed throughout the day. I also received an easy lift electric chair and other equipment. All of this support is thanks to all who participate in the WALK for ALS and help people like me. Thank you again!" - Henri Jubinville