June 16: Inga Kohut #MakingItPossible

Inga has humbly shared her passion and love for gardening, expressing that she just “loves all flowers”. She learned gardening from her mom in Poland at the young age of 10, which continued to be a lifelong passion of hers, gardening for over 65 years along with her husband Mel. Her passion for gardening and flowers is so profound that she went on to take 1st place in the Edmonton Sun Top Gardener’s Contest in 1999. From providing fresh vegetables to her family and friends, to coming home with a new plant or herb every time she takes a trip to the store, Inge has been the “go to neighbour” for questions about gardening for her entire life. When Inge was diagnosed with PLS, her husband Mel began #MakingItPossible to still enjoy their beautiful garden by setting up over 10 hand bars throughout the backyard. Aside from gardening, Inge also loves to build puzzles anywhere from 500 to 1000 pieces. Despite her diagnosis, Inga still enjoys every day to the fullest and still very much passionate about the hobbies and people in her life.