June 21: Herbert Lindae #MakingItPossible

At the young age of five, creative, self-taught and left handed Herbert Lindae had a passion for art and painting. In Grade 7 math class, Herbert got in trouble for doodling in his math book instead of paying attention from the teacher. He started off with pencil crayons, water colors, acrylics, and then found himself thoroughly enjoying working with oils. Herbert claims that oils are his favorite because they are pliable and when you make mistakes, you can cover them. When Herbert sees a picture he likes, he is motivated to paint it himself, and when he starts, he says that it is difficult to stop. He knows the techniques of how to paint and says it is very challenging to stay steady when painting lines. Despite his love for painting and having success selling a few of his paintings over the past few years, he claims being an artist a “messy business”. Herbert is grateful for his gift of painting is #MakingItPossible to continue painting regardless of his diagnosis of ALS.