June 30: Alfred Jongkind #MakingItPossible

Alfred Jongkind, is considered a very proud business man. In 1958 in Edmonton - Alfred started Al-Brite Manufacturing Jewellers Ltd. He has a passion for custom design jewelry, quality workmanship, exceptional customer service along with hard work and dedication.  In 1958, his business was first located in the 101 Street Kitchen Building in Edmonton for 20 years.  He then moved to the Bental Building and is currently at Enbridge Place downtown Edmonton.  Alfred cleverly named the business ‘Al-Brite’ because ‘Al’ stands for Alfred and ‘Brite’ means that jewelry is bright. He has been a certified gemologist and master goldsmith for 65 years and he has kept the same stunning work bench throughout his career. In 2002, Alfred turned the business over to his four children. Between Alfred, his wife, four children and grandson, they have a combined total of approximately 230 years of customer service in 58 years. Alfred keeps up his knowledge through reading magazines and he continues to work at the business 7-8 hours per week. Alfred and his wife Shirley married on October 29, 1951 (65 years) and have been in the same house since 1955 (61 years). In his earlier years, he enjoyed many activities with his friends; pool, lawn bowling, YMCA Member, travelling, poker and Las Vegas.

Together, with the support of their children and grandchildren, the business has now become a Third Generation Family Business of 58 years. Humbly, Alfred says ‘he rarely missed a day of work in 58 years, but if he does now he has to make up the time’.