June 16 - Adam Rombough

Today we are celebrating Adam Rombough, an inspirational man and true advocate for the ALS cause. Adam made it his personal mission to raise funds for the Edmonton WALK for ALS, and his team, Team A-Bomb, successfully raised over $30,000! Adam felt that it was his personal responsibility to make a positive difference for other people living with ALS. Thank you, Adam for #MakingitPossible.

"This disease will take my body and eventually my life but I will never let it take away my mind, my heart, my sense of humor, or my personality. I want you to remember even though you might see me going through some physical changes I will always be me on the inside!! I have always been in a rush to achieve every single goal that I have ever been passionate about in record time, to get to the finish line before anyone else and start tackling the next goal and its challenges. Looking back on my life this is very apparent and because of this mentality it comes as no surprise that I am going to reach the final finish line before most would. I am excited to see what the next challenge is after life on earth and I promise all of you that I will break records and over achieve in the after life too and I look forward to telling you all about it one day!" - Adam Rombough