June 3 - Mary Lou Poscente

It's day three of ALS Awareness month, and we'd like to share a heartfelt testimonial from Mary Lou Poscente, sharing how the Equipment Loan Program has added hours to her day! Porch lifts are #MakingitPossible for those affected by ALS to get in and out of their homes while preserving precious energy. Thank you for your kind words, Mary Lou!

"With profound gratitude, I would like to acknowledge our ALS Society, and in particular, Client Services Coordinator, Rob Lognon. At every approaching and and daunting challenge this disease has presented, the ALS Society has preceded me and made the transitions easier. Grab bars, walkers, AF Orthotics, transfer and shower chairs, and, not the least, a porch lift. Incredibly, this amazing aid has lengthened my days by at least two hours. Thank you from the bottom of my fasciculations." - Mary Lou Poscente