ALS Awareness Month Begins with John Orfino: June 1

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Today marks the beginning of ALS Awareness Month across Canada. To honour our incredible community, we will be sharing a story each day from someone living with or affected by ALS. Today we begin with John Orfino, and how he and his friends and family are #MakingitPossible to have regular poker nights!

"My brother Glenn wondered what he could do to entertain me because I am bed ridden and watch TV all the time. So he brought one of his poker tables and 6 to 9 guys come and we play Texas Hold-em for a couple of hours once a week. I look forward to the next game because I have so much fun with the boys. I’ve programmed my computer with poker lingo and sayings that make the guys laugh. I have become a poker Shark but the guys keep coming back because they know how much fun I have. I am so thankful for my brother Glenn who absolutely hit a grand slam by creating a legitimate poker game night for me to have so much fun."