June 14 - Jody Round

On day 14 of ALS Awareness Month we wanted to take the opportunity to feature one of our Edmonton WALK for ALS Committee members, Jody Round.

June 14.png

Some of you might recognize Jody from the Edmonton WALK during the warm up but Jody has actually been volunteering with the ALS Society of Alberta for several years now. Prior to her work with the Edmonton WALK for ALS, she was responsible for coordinating the Barrhead WALK for ALS for many years.

Not only was Jody responsible for pumping everyone up at the warm up for the WALK, she was also in charge of the VIP Table, parking, helped with the BBQ and numerous other tasks leading up to the WALK and the day of. Jody has been an incredible addition to the WALK Committee and has been such an integral part of #MakingItPossible for both clients and families to have a memorable time at the WALK.

Thank you Jody for all that you do on our WALK Committee and continuing to make such a huge impact in the lives of people living with and affected with ALS.