June 18 - Bill Goodwin

On day 18 of ALS Awareness Month, Bill Goodwin is sharing his #MakingItPossible story with us.

June 14 (2).png

"I was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (MND) in 2014 and after a 3 year period of testing I got the official diagnosis of ALS in 2017. I started noticing problems in 2013 trying to step up on the curb and my leg just wouldn’t do it. I found myself stopping on the sidewalk to let people go by. I couldn’t balance or bend down and get back up again. I talk to my leg to try to get it to move, but it just doesn’t listen! Because my leg doesn’t listen I lost my ability to go from gas pedal to break and gave up my drivers license. The scooter supplied to me from the ALS Society allows me the freedom to get out and about and socialize with friends and neighbours, as I often do my half hour loop around the neighbourhood and it’s pet friendly too! Being able to socialize and get out and about is very important to me.

My family and grandkids are transitioning along with me; from seeing me go from a cane, to a walker to a wheelchair. I don’t want them to feel like they need to stay away from me. I’m still Papa and they accept the way I am, and know I’m not going to rub off on them, or it’s something they can catch or get sick from. I wanted them to know they don’t have to be afraid, I’m still the same person, just things are slower.

My son in law was scheduled to work the day of the Walk for ALS. His employer said “No” the Walk is more important and my son in law was there to support my team! That meant a lot to me. I am always doing something family wise and had a nice time with all celebrating my Birthday! We are thankful for the Society and everything they have supplied, but more importantly all the kind, supportive wonderful staff that are all Angels!"