June 21 - Support Coffee Group

Today we wanted to highlight one of our Coffee Support Groups that are #MakingItPossible on day 21 of ALS Awareness Month. These support groups are offered to those living with ALS, their family members and caregivers. They are offered in casual group settings that provide everyone an opportunity to share their experiences, information and support.

June 21 (1).png

Here is what some of our clients had to say about the groups:

Al: "I've met some wonderful people and I've learned more about the disease, I enjoy the outings and friendships!"

Carol: "ALS is a terrible scary disease. However, I feel I was blessed when Gayle came over and introduced me to the ALS Society. Everyone there is so understanding, considerate and helpful. Meeting others at the coffee group is a learning experience and meeting all these wonderful people is a privilege. So many positive conversations, so much support, and I feel I have entered a different stage of my life."

Bill: "Getting out meeting with people with the same problems is great by learning new things and sharing information."

Danny: "All feel like a family before I even met them. A good solid foundation for support."

Belle: "I like being able to talk to people like me, and people who understand me. It’s a nice feeling."

Marjorie: "Very encouraging when I attend the coffee group, everyone is so pleasant and willing to share. It makes me feel like I am not alone. "

Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us!