June 11 - Marjorie Ebanks

June 11 Marjorie.png

Today we are featuring Marjorie Ebanks and her #MakingItPossible story, as told through her family.

“Even though Marjorie lost her fight to ALS on March 15, we believed she would want to focus on what was made possible for her while alive.  What we believe would be her own words, we think she would write something like this:

‘While living with this disease, I tried to focus on the blessings in my life including all the things that seemed impossible but made possible.  Friends rented a van so that I was able to have a manicure and pedicure and lunch with them in Sylvan Lake.  A voice device enhancement device given by the ALS Society helped increase the volume of my voice so my grandkids could hear me when I read to them.  An electric wheelchair was also provided by the ALS Society to help me gain some form of independence.  Meals were made by friends and family so my husband Owen, could attend to me.  Faithful friends stayed with me on Thursdays so Owen could play one his favourite games, dominoes!  Friends from church built me a ramp so that I may continue to visit my grandkids in their own home. And rides were provided to spend time with my brothers and sisters at the ALS support group.  I looked forward to those meetings to share and relate my new friends. 

So many things were made possible for me and the above examples were just only a few.  It allowed me to continue to live a life of grace and dignity.  Thanks to the ALS Society for their support and may God richly bless your organization for the support you provided me.’ “

Thank you so much to the Majorie’s family for sharing this beautiful story about Marjorie.