June 19 - Katherine Gartner

June 19 Katherine.png

On day 19 of ALS Awareness Month, we are featuring a story from Katherine Gartner.

Since my diagnosis last year, the ALS Society has been with me every step of the way.  Their genuine concern, ongoing support, encouragement and the extensive equipment loan program has Made It Possible to adjust to my new reality.

Family outings, including a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada and St. George, Utah, and a recent trip to Edmonton for my brother’s wedding as well as park picnics and bbq’s were made so much easier by using a transport chair and walker.

Last fall I was invited to attend a Calgary Flames game courtesy of Mickael Backlund and the ALS Society.  What an exciting evening and yes, Mikael led his team to victory by scoring the first goal of the game.

The combination of Calgary Transit Access and the recent addition of a power wheelchair from the ALS Society has Made It Possible for some sorely missed independence.  Not only can I attend some of the numerous medial appointments on my own, I can now spend a warm afternoon at the zoo, go over to my mom’s for a visit or spend a rainy day at a shopping centre.

Together with my family, we thank the ALS Society for all they offer us as they make this journey so much easier.