June 26 - Mikael & Frida Backlund

June 26 Mikael & Frida.png

On day 26 of ALS Awareness Month we want to highlight Mikael & Frida Backlund for all that they do for the ALS Community.

Mikael and Frida Backlund have been making possibilities happen for our families since 2015. They have dedicated their valuable time and effort to support families affected by ALS in Alberta.  In addition to donating funds to the ALS Society for critical ALS research, they generously provide tickets to the Calgary Flames Games so that families can spend a night out together. Over 64 families from across Alberta have had the opportunity to attend a game. After the game, Mikael meets each and every family.

Mikael and Frida not only support the work of the Society but more importantly, make memories for our families to keep forever.

Thank you Mikael and Frida!