June 28 - Donna Lepp

Donna Lepp .png

It’s day 28 of ALS Awareness Month and we are so happy to share a story from Donna Lepp. Thank you so much Donna for sharing with us.

The help I have received from the ALS Society of Alberta has enabled me to stay living in my home in the mountains, where I want to be. 

 I truly appreciate all of the equipment I have received. The scooter has been especially wonderful. Besides getting me from the house to the car, it has allowed me to get outside to see my flowers, pet my horses and enjoy our property. 

 The standing turner disc is also a wonderful piece of equipment that helps me with my transfers. It’s portable and fits easily in our home. Another piece of equipment I appreciate is the bath lift; it allows me to settle into a relaxing bath and feels much more comforting than sitting for a shower. 

 I am grateful for everything that the ALS Society does for me and for the equipment that allows me to stay in my home.