June 10: Allen Vranckx #MakingItPossible

For the past 32 years, it has been tradition for Allen and his wife Linda to go on camping and fishing trips at Calling Lake with their very good friends Andy and Judy.  They've created many good memories over the years, through good times and bad. In fact, there was a rocky time when Andy was having trouble walking, but the fishing tradition continued on as Allen would help out with the more difficult tasks of the trip so that Andy could still come. As a matter of fact, until Allen's recent diagnosis with PLS, everyone had marveled that Allen always seemed to effortlessly be in "tip top shape". So when the tables turned, and Andy was feeling better, but Allen's PLS was creating mobility changes, Andy wanted to find a way to help Allen get in and out of the fishing boat. Thanks to Andy's creative thinking and handy skills, Allen can get in and out of the boat using a lift that Andy built for him, #MakingItPossible for their 32 year long tradition to continue.  Allen loves to come to the ALS Society Coffee Support Group, and we are looking forward to hearing his and Linda's stories of this year's fishing trip!