June 13: Rob Anderson #MakingItPossible

For the past 47 years, Rob Anderson has been passionate about and very much enjoys playing pool. At age 11, Rob began playing snooker and he immediately felt as though he had a natural gift. At age 13, Rob began playing in tournaments, where his talent won him $150 through a game of pool. With the big heart he has, he later tucked the winning cash his mother’s pillow to help pay for items needed around the house. He continued on to play in over 100 tournaments in Alberta, winning his first trophy in 1988 in Camrose, AB at the Windsor hotel, with many others to follow. Rob currently plays competitively in the Wal-Mac & Triple E Billards Leagues in Edmonton. Aside from playing pool competitively, he also enjoys playing pool with his friends and virtual pool, snooker and 8 ball pro on Facebook. Rob is thankful for the ALS Society of Alberta in #MakingItPossible for him to visit his mother, go to the mall and continue to play pool with the scooter they have provided him due to his diagnosis of Kennedy’s disease (an inherited motor neuron disease that affects males).