June 14: Don Robertson #MakingItPossible

The story below is told from the voice of Don Robertson.

"My wife and I have been going to William Watson Lodge in Kananaskis for a number of years – as my condition progressed I could no longer walk the trails  (William Watson Lodge has many paved trails) and for a number of years I was confined to the cabins.

Thanks to the graciousness of the ALS Society of Alberta, in May of 2016, a bigger power chair was delivered to the lodge at the start of our stay there and picked up by the Society at the end of our stay. This allowed me to traverse pathways that I had not been on for a long time. We saw moose, mountain sheep and a grizzly bear. Many thanks to Jane Rivest of the ALS Society for delivering and picking up the chair for me.

The ALS Society has loaned us equipment and provided us with assistance and information regarding such things as the ALS Clinic in Calgary, income tax disability, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Because of the lift in our van (provided and owned by the ALS Society) we have been able to transport a smaller power chair (also provided by the ALS Society) to a number of parks in Calgary and in the Kananaskis area. This has provided me with day-to-day freedom."

 -Don Robertson