June 3: Wayne Erickson #MakingItPossible

Wayne Erikson is passionate about birds and to photograph them in nature. His friends know him as “warm”, “kind” and always inspiring others to be better. After Wayne was diagnosed with ALS in 2015, his life changed quickly and he was no longer able to hold his camera the way he had before. His friend Jill Routhier, spoke to Sherwood Park’s Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation Director, Colin Weir, about how they could arrange to share the beauty of the bird sanctuary with her dear friend, Wayne. Wayne was unable to travel, so Colin offered to take the birds to him. Colin and the birds headed to Morinville, AB  where Wayne lived,  to spend the day with Wayne. With his diagnosis, Wayne rarely gets to spend time outdoors. This was a special day for Wayne, as he spent an afternoon on his back porch with Colin, who spoke with him about his knowledge of birds and nature. This was a freeing and life changing experience for Wayne and for the first time in a long time, he felt “freedom”. Colin Weir, Jill Routhier and The Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation made this touching experience possible for Wayne Erickson.