June 6: John Tuckwell #MakingItPossible

John spent a month in beautiful Tobago last spring. Living with ALS, John relied on a cough assist machine which was kept on his night stand. John claimed that the “cleaning staff” knocked the cough machine off his table, asking if the ALS Society of Alberta would be able to provide him with a replacement. The Society shipped a replacement cough assist machine to his sister in Toronto who was on her way to spend time with John on his vacation in Tobago. Although John claims that the “cleaning staff” knocked over his cough assist machine, our suspicions lead us to think that it may have been caused by the rum punch you can see John and his friend enjoying in sunny Tobago! The ALS Society of Alberta and John’s family and friends helped to make his vacation stay in Tobago comfortable, accommodating and possible! #MakingItPossible