June 23 - Wayne MacIntosh

For today's #MakingitPossible story, we would like to honour Wayne MacIntosh, a Fort McMurray resident who is currently living with ALS. In April of 2014, Wayne began experiencing muscle twitches, weakening, weight loss and fatigue. His doctor at the time was unfamiliar with ALS, driving Wayne to consult with a different doctor, who then referred him to a neurologist. After several weeks of testing, Wayne’s neurologist concluded that he most likely had ALS, and referred him to the ALS Clinic at the University of Alberta where the diagnosis was confirmed.

At first, Wayne found it shocking to learn that he had acquired a disease with no cure that is typically fatal within three to five years from symptom onset. Over the next few months he retired from his job and spent time with friends and family across Canada and in the United States. Wayne has also acted as an Ambassador for the Fort McMurray WALK for ALS, taking place on July 16 in Birchwood Trails. 

“The love of my friends and family and the hope for a cure for this terrible disease is the fuel that provides me with the inspiration to be thankful for the life I’ve lived, and make the best of each and every day I have left,” Wayne said. “The WALKs for ALS are extremely important in raising awareness of this disease, and help fund research that will one day find a cure.”

Thank you, Wayne.