June 27 - Helen Banks

We are nearing the end of ALS Awareness Month, but we still have some incredible stories to share! Today we are celebrating Helen Banks and how she uses mobility equipment when #MakingitPossible to live each day to the fullest. 

"When I was diagnosed with ALS, my daughter Kim and family invited Jim and me to live with them in the Bar-F Ranch House just west of Hinton so they can assist Jim in looking after me. I am very grateful to the amazing ALS Society for providing a lift chair, walker and scooter so I can manoeuvre the long distance from the kitchen to the parlour and outdoors. Energy management is one of my greatest challenges and the equipment makes life easier. Many thanks to the ALS Society staff!

In order to maintain a positive outlook, I treat life as an adventure and moving in with the Tew family has just extended my adventure." - Helen Banks