June 28 - Angus "Scotty" Smith

Angus Smith, better known as “Scotty”, is a celebrated musician, teacher and a ham radio operator. One of his proudest successes was when he made contact with astronaut Chris Hadfield. Scotty has not let ALS stop him from sharing his musical gifts, and he still shares or offers instruction. His past students even visit and play for him. Scotty is originally from Scotland; he jokes about renaming his Stratocaster guitar the “Scottocaster”. He has played with musicians from all over the world and played at very prominent venues. This very talented man continues to share his stories and everyone is simply drawn to him.  Scotty shares what a difference the ALS Society has made. The tilt manual chair and the EZ-lift chair have made getting around and relaxing less of a challenge and are #MakingitPossible for Scotty to embrace his greatest passions!