June 7 - Roy Eklund

Can you believe it is already day seven of ALS Awareness Month?! Today we are sharing Roy Eklund's story, who is living with Kennedy's Disease (a neuromuscular disorder with similar symptoms to ALS). 

"My name is Roy Eklund and I was diagnosed with Kennedys Disease in 1991. I appreciate the sheepskin slippers provided to me from the ALS Society. They are a blessing, I wear them all the time and it is so nice to actually have warm feet! I have a better sleep now that I have a blanket lifter to avoid pressure on my toes. "I call it my toe tent" In addition, I love my spokeman. People can actually hear me talking in the dining room. Socializing and connecting with others is very important to me. I look forward to attending the monthly MND coffee group at the ALS Society. It is an up lifter an encouragement and so great to talk to people and meet with others who are going through the same thing as me. Thank you to the ALS Society for all you have provided and all your support, you are a blessing!"