June 13 - Len Landry

We are so excited to share Len Landry’s Making it Possible sotry for day 13 of ALS Awareness Month.

“I was diagnosed with ALS in September 2013. I had symptoms for about a year and wasn’t too sure what was going on. It is amazing how much love I was shown that I didn’t expect from people from my past and present. 

I grew up having fun, with a sense of humor and I’m kind of crazy. That’s just part of my DNA and that never changed, even since being diagnosed with ALS. Like I told my daughter ‘rough and tough and hard to bluff and ‘you gotta stay positive’, so I may as well practice what I preach.  When I was still living at home I wrote ‘you gotta stay positive’ on her bathroom mirror with her lipstick to remind her, it’s going to be okay.

I know I am in the best home now that I can be in at the Good Samaritan. The staff here are great and I feel pretty lucky and blessed to be here. My favourite time is lunch/dinner where I can be the “class clown” and make other’s laugh. Not to mention our social group, we call ourselves “The Southside Wheelers” as we all like to get out and about watch some sports and still go for the odd beer. There is no judgement as we all have different diagnoses.

I can’t be any more grateful than I am for the ALS Society and everything they have done for me through all their support and equipment provided. I feel very blessed.”

June 13 Len.png