June 14 - Jim Park

June 14 Jim.png

On Day 14 of ALS Awareness Month, we are sharing Jim Park’s Making it Possible story.

“My name is Jim Park and I was diagnosed with ALS on April 4, 2018. That day changed mine and my family’s life forever. My words were starting to come out slurred and I did not know why. Fast forward thirteen months and I am reminded daily of the severity of this horrible disease. In November of 2018, I stopped driving, and eating or drinking anything by mouth. I am also on breathing assistance during sleep and my hands don’t really work anymore. I can no longer speak at all and use an iPad with text to voice apps on it. Fatigue is one of the hardest things to deal with as I ‘run out of gas’ at the most minimal movements. My family helps with everyday living challenges and my wife is exceptional at keeping me grounded and happy.

I am happy. I’m happy because I have my family and friends and the ALS Society to help me navigate through this time in my life. The ALS Society has introduced me to many people that know exactly how I feel and we can communicate our thoughts and issues. I can borrow whatever equipment I need and the Society is there immediately to make sure everything is in order – how cool is that?! My family and I may be living with ALS but the Society makes things so much better and for that, I can’t thank them enough.”

Thank you so much, for sharing your story and your kind words about the Society. We are always so grateful to hear stories about how the Society can help.