June 21 - Gish Warriors

June 21 Gish Warriors.png

It’s day 21 of ALS Awareness Month! We have heard some amazing stories so far and today is no exception. Today, we are featuring Elmer S. Gish School in St. Albert.

Students, teachers, and parents at Elmer S. Gish School have been working endlessly on their fundraising efforts towards the ALS Society of Alberta. Some of the different activities they have done over the past year to raise funds include collecting pledges for their triathlon and Gym-a-thon, selling hot chocolate, lemonade, freezies, and friendship bracelets and the much anticipated Ice Bucket Teacher Challenge which took place during the school’s year-end assembly.

Not only have they raised surpassed their fundraising goal and raised an incredible $10,600, but they have also done a fantastic job of spreading awareness of what ALS is, how it can effect anyone and how the cause is near and dear to the members of the Elmer S. Gish community. 

Thank you to every single student, teacher, and parent who donated, raised money, and participated in these events. Your funds will make such a difference to those who are living with and affected by ALS and we are so grateful for all that you have done!