June 22 - Sharon Wood

June 22 Sharon.png

Today we are featuring Sharon Wood on day 22 of ALS Awareness Month.  Thank you Sharon for sharing your story.

TOES? That’s correct, toes! It all began with my toes.  We were in southern California for the winter and I was on my way to the pool when I walked out of my left sandal.  Somewhat baffled, I slipped the sandal back on and finished my walk.  In the weeks to follow this became a fairly common and annoying occurrence.  Little did I know on that sunny day in February 2017 that I would go from walking unaided to using a cane, then a walker and finally a wheelchair.  Having this disease has given me many opportunities to explain what ALS is and talk about my journey.

One of the exciting results began with a friend who, when she read about the Lethbridge Walk to End ALS, formed a team calling them Team Woodfest.  They entered at the last minute and had a successful outcome.  She has already started planning for this year.  ALS will eventually be solved, in part by the efforts of thousands of folks like my friend.  Every dollar raised helps in aiding ongoing research.